Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dynamics GP 2015 Upgrade Process & Paths

With the release of Dynamics GP 2015, it’s time to start planning for the upgrade to Dynamics GP 2015. Here is quick summary on the upgrade process, path & supported version.
Hope this helps everyone as I have also processed through one!

Upgrade Paths:
Sr. No
Upgrade Path For GP 2015
GP 8.0
GP 8.0 >> GP 10.0 >> GP 2013 SP2 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 9.0
GP 9.0 >> GP 10.0 >> GP 2010 SP4 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 9.0 >> GP 10.0 >> GP 2013 SP2 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 10
GP 10.0 >> GP 2010 SP4 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 10.0 >> GP 2013 SP2 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 2010
GP 2010 SP4 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 2010 SP4 >> GP 2013 SP2 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 2013
GP 2013 SP2 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)
GP 2013 R2 >> GP2015 RTM ( 14.00.0524 or Later)

Registration Keys:
To upgrade to Dynamics GP2015, all current customer on Business Ready Licensing (BRL) or Module Based Licensing (MBL) must contact their partner & upgrade/transit their licenses to Dynamics GP2013/Dynamics GP2015. (Must).
You Won’t Be Upgraded Or Upgrade Will Not Have This Functionality For You, IF?
1-      Language Not English:
This initial release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is the English language release.  If you are currently using translations for French or Spanish, you should wait to install Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 until those languages are available (Will Be Available in H1 CAL 2015).
2-      U.S Payroll Tax Update Will Not Work:
The U.S. Payroll Automatic Tax Engine does not work with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 RTM.
Check on partner source or customer source for the script to run and have this fixed in Jan-2014 table.
3-      Cannot Upgrade Having U.S Payroll Tax 2014 Update Installed(KB 3006930 or KB 3006900):
If you have installed the 2014 Year-End update for U.S. Payroll (KB 3006930 or KB 3006900) or the 2014 Year-End/2015 Tax table update for Canadian Payroll on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you will not be able to upgrade till the January Hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is released.

4-      No Longer There For You:
Good Bye for Business Portal. No upgrade for Business Portal to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

5-      No SharePoint Workflow, Define New Workflows:
There is no upgrade for Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP that ran on top of SharePoint. Workflow functionality for Microsoft Dynamics GP now exists within the Microsoft Dynamics GP product itself. 

6-      No Management Reporter Till MR CU11:
Management Reporter CU11 will release later in December 2014. Until that time, MR is not compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

what is supported vs what is not support:
Here is the list of what is fully supported by upgrading to Dynamics GP 2015.
Not Supported:
1-      Database Engine:
a.       Microsoft SQL Server 2008 all editions & Below
2-      Windows Server Operating Systems:
a.       Windows Server 2003 all editions & Below
3-      Windows Client Operating Systems:
a.       Windows XP all editions
b.      Windows Vista all editions
4-      Office Applications:
a.       Microsoft Office 2007 & Below
b.      Office Communicator 2007 & Below.

Happy Upgrades.

Dynamics AX – Vendor Scoring In RFQ Analysis Process

Vendor scoring is one of the important aspect of the RFQ process in any organization. While we were working with our client requirement for RFQ analysis and in compliance with their ISO requirements. We evaluated the functionalities and usage of the Dynamics AX RFQ vendor scoring.

I have found a very nice and detailed article on blog-sphere on the same topic. So instead of writing a new one here is the same to share with others so they can benefit from this.

To go through the detailed step by step instructions on how to do vendor scoring please follow the post on Fawad’s blog

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – Vendor Scoring Criteria on Request For Quotation

Thanks for ready & Happy Learning!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dynamics AX - Sales Order Accounting Process (Packing Slip, Invoice, Commission & Discounts)

Fawad has written a nice and simple post explaining the sales order process and its accounting entries in Dynamics AX. This really helps for the basic understanding.

Read the complete step by step accounting entries & their effect by each journal on his details post by clicking the link below

Happy Dynamics & Enjoy Learning!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dynamics AX – Purchase Order Cycle & Accounting Process (Order, Receipt & Invoices)

Fawad has written a nice and simple post explaining the purchase order process and its accounting entries in Dynamics AX. This really helps for the basic understanding.

Read the complete step by step accounting entries & their effect by each journal on his details post by clicking the link below

Happy Dynamics & Enjoy Learning!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dynamics AX 2013 - Royalties Management Step By Step Process

While working on some requirements I came across a very nicely written article on how to use & step royalties management in Dynamics AX 2013 .  

Fawad has written a very detailed post on his blog ( http://fawadb.blogspot.com) on the steps and usage of royalties management in Dynamics AX 2013.

Enjoy reading the completed post by click the below link

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dynamics GP 2015 Released & Available For Download

Dynamics GP2015 has been released now and it comes with more than 100+ enhancement and few key things such as “Service Based Architecture with REST API”, “Identity Management (Single sign on through integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to help users work seamlessly across Microsoft Dynamics GP, Office 365, and other cloud-based applications.”, “Azure Procurement” & “Apps on multiple platforms”.

You can download the Dynamics GP 2015 from the following

Catch up feature of the day series from the following

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Dynamics AX2012 R2 Release

Microsoft Dynamics is all set for Dynamics AX2012 R2 release. With this enhanced release lot of exciting features will be added to the product.
As per the details featured in the technical conference this release will have stronger focus on new functionality with industries specific & administrative processes.
Few of the major enhancement includes

1) Industry Focused Enhancements
Improve manufacturing operations for process manufacturing.  Like
-          New capability for management of potency, traceability and product batch sequencing to help process manufacturing
-          Potency management enables management of the concentration of an active ingredient through the entire manufacturing process.
-          In addition, the improvement of traceability where important attributes are generated and captured during the manufacturing process can also be transferred to subsequent lots.
Many enchantments like
-          You can manage your assortments across channels in your retail operations.
-          New multi- and cross-channel capabilities for retail organizations, including catalogue management, cross-channel workflows, and integrated sales channel management will include a new “out of the box” web storefront offering based on the new version of SharePoint 2013.

Public Sector
Many enchantments like
-          An easy / simple financial budgeting process in public sector organizations by combining the power of Microsoft Excel with the power of the workflow engine inside of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
-          New capabilities in budget formulation with workflow approvals, flexible tracking, and reporting.
-          Will also enable complex budgetary requirements using Microsoft Excel as well as integration with financial budget transactions, position and payroll data to enable budgetary control.

Professional Services
Many enchantments like
-          Improved utilization of resources across your organization.
-          Improvements in the intercompany scheduling capability of project resources will specifically benefit services organization with resources and projects across multiple entities.

2) Improved Business Insights End Users
This ranges from easy operational reporting, to measuring business performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking as well as to providing deep analysis and actionable insights powered by new rich visualizations technology. Specifically, in this release the focus is
  • New and updated KPI content
    • Where we deliver a set of new and updated KPIs that will come with the SQL BI cubes shipped with the release. These KPIs will surface on the different role centers.
  • Enabling the usage of the new Power view technology
    • Introduced in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This will help users to discover new insights through a highly interactive and familiar data visualization technology.
3) Increase Global Reach And Simplify International Operations 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX with Increased the global reach
    • New localization for 11 new markets (Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Estonia, Hungary, India, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia),
    • Extending the reach for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to support 36 localizations worldwide.
4) Simplified Application Lifecycle – An Easy Way To Manage Application
This will add the following key benefits
-          Simplified single instance international ERP deployment scenarios up to simplifying setup and functional implementation with new and improved lifecycle services.
-          Parallel to this release existing lifecycle services update (including Rapid Start services) 
-          And new services addition
Some other examples:
  • Code Analyzer will help analyze the performance of custom code based on rules in the design phase of an extension by customers or partners.
  • Data Migration Framework will support import, export and migration of data to/from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in the deployment phase. It will cover over 20 scenarios including customer, vendor, product, employee, BOM, open sales and purchase order data, which can be extended by partners and customers.
  • Diagnostics Framework will assist by analyzing data collected from the installation’s servers based on rules in the maintenance phase of your Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 environment(s).
At the end it is quite exciting with the list of such enhancements.

This is scheduled to be released by 1st Dec 2012.
Happy Consulting!