Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inventory Item Creation Error - Dynamics GP 10 & SQL Server 2008

Just recently our client reported the following error “Another user is creating this Item”. He was facing this error whenever he types any item number.

The environment was SQL server 2008(Arabic Collation), Windows Server 2008 , Windows XP(Client) and Dynamics GP 10 with SP2.  After checking the details I thought of checking the client DSN. And found this mistake.

The Client was setup with  “Perform translation of character data” checked in DSN setup. 
So anyone out there facing the same issue , please check out your clients DSN setting.
Hope this help.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Custom Links

Dynamics GP comes with an option named "Custom Links" which can be found under company setup, this can help out user to navigate and perform some additional task right from GP for the respective entity such as Bank Accounts to online banking page, Vendors portal, items catalog, Tracking Number links on the shipping method etc.

To setup custom links, lets consider an example of online Banking page linking with Bank Account.
Step 1:
-      Setup Custom Link (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Custom Link)

Step 2:
-      Click “New” button.

-      Prompt : Select checkbook
-      Input Customer Link Label: Input text which will be visible to user once he click on the checkbook link label on any window.
-      Field Value: Select your respective Checkbook ID one which you want to attach you custom link ( the checkbook ID lookup will open for checkbook selection)
-      Internet Address: Input the web address ( an online banking portal address for the respective bank)
-      Press “Save”.
Step 3:
-      Let test the newly added label.
-      For instance lets open “Reconcile Bank statement” window. (Transactions >> Financial >> Reconcile Bank Statement)

-      Input/select your checkbook
-      Click on checkbook ( an underline link label)

-      Now you can see the newly added custom link there.
-      Click on the link, it will take you to online banking portal.

This is an example how we can use Dynamics GP custom links for our customers, additionally this can also be used for various other stuff like
-      Vendors ( For VDM Application portal linking)
-      Currency ( For Exchange Rate Source on web)
-      Items ( for online catalog portal & pricing )
-      Tracking Number ( For Shipping Method )

Monday, November 23, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing Checkdata White Paper

For the guys working with manufacturing in Dynamics GP Check this out.
This white paper provides information about the Manufacturing Checkdata stored procedure in Microsoft Dynamic GP. This paper describes the functionality as well as how to run the procedure. The reported errors are listed along with information about each error. (35 pp.)
The Checkdata script is designed to evaluate various manufacturing tables and report back any inconsistencies discovered. The script is informational only and does not make changes to any manufacturing table. The Checkdata script can be run on any version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Architecture White Paper

An interesting white paper which describes the architecture for Microsoft Dynamics GP which explains how the architecture’s features make Microsoft Dynamics GP an ideal solution for organizations that are implementing a business management system today, and how the system will grow with them tomorrow.
This paper discusses the following topics:  

-      The structure of the Microsoft Dynamics GP application, which is composed of the Dexterity runtime engine, the Dynamics application dictionary, and the Microsoft SQL Server database
-      How Microsoft Dynamics GP efficiently uses system resources for both client workstations and servers
-      The customization tools that are built into the software and are accessible to all users, and the tools that system administrators can use to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP, such as Modifier, Report Writer, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
-      The tools that are available for importing and exporting Microsoft Dynamics GP data, such as eConnect, Web Services, and Integration Manager
-      The features that provide platform enhancements, such as flexible account numbers, lists, data-driven scrolling windows, security, international support, macro capabilities, named printers, the mail API, and error reporting
-      The reporting and analytics tools that are available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, including Report Writer, SmartList, FRx, SQL Reporting Services, Excel Reports, and Crystal Reports
-      How the workflow capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP control the flow of documents through the accounting system
-      The architecture and features of Business Portal, which you can use as your company intranet or as an extension to it to provide Web-based access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data
-      The additional industry- or market-specific capabilities that are included with Microsoft Dynamics GP, such as multidictionary architecture, the trigger system, and available development options
For complete details, download it

Business Portal Customization Whitepaper

Must see, 
An excellent white paper explains about Business Portal Customization. It has information on both Microsoft Dynamics™ GP 9.0 with Business Portal 3.0 and Microsoft Dynamics™ GP 10.0 with Business Portal 4.0.
The purpose of this document is to clarify what type of customizations can and cannot be done with Business Portal in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Some customizations are possible by implementers while others are possible through ISVs or Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Product Support Services. 
This document will describe the customization options and Advanced Product Support Services available as well as which types of customizations are not possible through any type of service.

Using Group Policy to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

An interesting white paper on MBS,

This article describes how to use Group Policy to automatically distribute Microsoft Dynamics GP to client computers. Group Policy is an administrative tool within Active Directory, and it is used for managing user settings and computer settings across a network. With Group Policy, you can specify policy settings for software installation.

Have a look.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Level Of Posting From Series Option In GL Account Maintenance

This is one of the basic questions people used to ask during the GL training, what does “Level of posting from series” means in account maintenance window. So here is it

1.    Level of Posting form Series specifies how much detail you want to post to General Ledger from each series like (Sales, Inventory Control, Purchasing, and Payroll). This setting is under account maintenance window (Cards >> Financial >> Account )

2.    It totally depends on Posting Settings of each module and its origin as well. ( Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Posting >> Posting )

3.    In posting setting, If you mark Create Journal Entry Per
§  Transaction
·         Then Level of posting from series option of account maintenance will not be considered at all.

·         System will always create an individual GL entries for each transactions from respective module.

§  Batch
·         If it is batch with “Use Account Setting” checkbox marked.

o    Then system will check Account Maintenance window for Level of posting from , and if Level of posting is
§  Details
·         Then it will be one journal entry per batch with different line of that account for each entry in the batch you have posted.

§  Summary
·         then it will be one journal entry per batch and one line(sum of values) of that account for each entry in the batch you have posted.

·         If You Choose Summary method, just be sure that you will not get Originating Mater ID, & Originating Control Number Info in GL transaction details like below

Thursday, November 19, 2009

FRx Error – Cannot Update Database Or Object Is Read Only ( Windows Server 2008 )

This was recently reported by one of customer as he was facing the following error while he starts FRx.

Apparently form the screen shot it seems an issue with SQL database access, but it is not. This error prompts when user runs the FRx rather logging to the FRX.

The error prompts when user does not have access to FRx 6.7 application folder. 
To give access locate the FRx application folder most probably it will be “C:\Program Files\FRx Software

-      Right click on FRx 6.7 folder and select properties.

-      Then Select security Tab.

-      Then Select that particular user or group of users , and make sure they have read & write access to this folder.

Be The First – Microsoft Beta Versions of Microsoft Office 2010 Suites and Related Products

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About Microsoft Dynamics Range Of Products

An interesting article on regarding Microsoft Dynamics Applications.