Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Custom Links

Dynamics GP comes with an option named "Custom Links" which can be found under company setup, this can help out user to navigate and perform some additional task right from GP for the respective entity such as Bank Accounts to online banking page, Vendors portal, items catalog, Tracking Number links on the shipping method etc.

To setup custom links, lets consider an example of online Banking page linking with Bank Account.
Step 1:
-      Setup Custom Link (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Custom Link)

Step 2:
-      Click “New” button.

-      Prompt : Select checkbook
-      Input Customer Link Label: Input text which will be visible to user once he click on the checkbook link label on any window.
-      Field Value: Select your respective Checkbook ID one which you want to attach you custom link ( the checkbook ID lookup will open for checkbook selection)
-      Internet Address: Input the web address ( an online banking portal address for the respective bank)
-      Press “Save”.
Step 3:
-      Let test the newly added label.
-      For instance lets open “Reconcile Bank statement” window. (Transactions >> Financial >> Reconcile Bank Statement)

-      Input/select your checkbook
-      Click on checkbook ( an underline link label)

-      Now you can see the newly added custom link there.
-      Click on the link, it will take you to online banking portal.

This is an example how we can use Dynamics GP custom links for our customers, additionally this can also be used for various other stuff like
-      Vendors ( For VDM Application portal linking)
-      Currency ( For Exchange Rate Source on web)
-      Items ( for online catalog portal & pricing )
-      Tracking Number ( For Shipping Method )

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