Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dynamics AX 2012 – Vendor Prepayments on Purchase Order

Vendor’s prepayment in procurement process is a very common practice and in such scenario an organization should be able to track purchase order & their prepayments.

Earlier in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, it was not possible to make a prepayment related to a purchase order and these were always two separate manual processes. (There was no transaction link between the prepayment for a purchase order and the actual purchase order)

With Dynamics AX 2012 it has been made very easy & simple with prepayment functionality.

Vendor prepayment process is explained in detail by Sandeep Chaudhury on his blog in a detail article. Check it out HERE.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inventory Site Dimensions In Dynamics AX 2012

In Dynamics AX 2012 we have many options to utilize the Site Dimension; we can make it represents country/region/state all options are upon business requirements.
This Site dimension function in MS Dynamics AX 2012 is out of the box function; do not need to activate it as we used to do in previous version and site dimension could be a control point in the inventory items as well, where the user could not perform transaction without identifying the site dimension, and we have option to let AX validate on item site dimension, where the user could not use change site.
There is very detailed blog-post on this topi by Mohamed Aamer on his Blog Read the complete details  HERE.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013(Beta) Available For Download

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has been released to Beta.  This new release includes so many exciting features like
-          Dynamics GP web client,
-          125+ functionality enhancements and
-          Extending integration Dynamics GP with the Microsoft stack.
Lots of technology advancements including “making Dynamics GP more efficient for cloud deployments” with Multi- Tenancy.

All Microsoft Dynamics GP partners can download the beta Located Here.
You can also check the list of feature with details (PPT) on official blog of Dynamics GP Here.

This Beta release is for ISV's and Partners for preliminary testing and does NOT include:

1. No upgrade is available from this release to the RTM release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. The only upgrade support is for the selected live Technical Adoption Program Customers.
2. Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
3. eConnect SDK is included on the image, but is not updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
4. Web Services SDK is found on the image, but is not updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
5. Workflow SDK is found on the image, but is not updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Download & enjoy the new experience !