Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dynamics GP – Multicurrency Exchange Rate Updating Tool

Dynamics GP – Multicurrency Exchange Rate Updating Tool

We came across so many requests from our customers asking for a utility which can update the exchange table in Dynamics GP on daily basis from a specific source. We have deviced a toll using Microsoft Excel spread sheet and Microsoft Data web query to achieve this

Have a look

Step 1:

we have created an excel sheet, using Data Ribbon select “From Web” query option under Get external data connection section.

Step 2:

In the new web query window, input the exchange rate source web site address and press Go. It will load the web site then select the exchange rate section table from the web site and click import

Step 3:

System will start importing the exchange rate table form web site

Step 4:

Once you have downloaded the contents, now insert one VBA button using Develop ribbon in Microsoft Excel

Step 4:

Right Click on the button and click view code, write the SQL query here for to import the data in Multicurrency exchange table

I hope this gives a brief idea for this tool . . .


  1. How do I obtain a copy of this excel Tool to try out. We use Dynamics GP and will soon be turning on the MC functionality. We are looking for a way to get the exchange rates updated in GP vs. a manual process.

  2. Hi,

    we would be happy to share a copy, please drop an email on