Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creating a Dynamics GP DSN Manually on 64-bit Windows

Creating a Dynamics GP DSN Manually on 64-bit Windows

We have used 32-bit Windows, but Windows 2008 R2 is available in 64-bit.  Dynamics GP requires an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) to be setup on the Windows machine where it is installed. It uses this to connect to SQL Server, and is usually very simple to setup.

But, if you install GP on a 64-bit version of Windows and manually setup a DSN, when you try and launch GP or GP Utilities for the first time, the "Server" drop down list will be blank.  If you setup the DSN by navigating to Administrative Tools --> Data Sources, you actually went into the 64-bit ODBC Administrator tool. GP is only able to 'see' 32-bit System DSNs, and will not see the 64-bit System DSNs.

In order to setup the DSN for GP, you will need to launch the 32-bit ODBC Administrator tool. The two windows appear to be indistinguishable, with no visible differences between them.   Here is a Microsoft Support KB article discussing the two versions.

You have to launch 32-bit ODBC by navigating to: %systemdrive%\Windows\SysWoW64\odbcad32.exe. Once you launch the 32-bit Administrator tool and setup your DSN, it should show up in GP and GP Utilities.

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