Thursday, November 12, 2009

Integration Manager 10– Debugging Integration Error

Sometimes using integration manager you may face errors while doing the integration say for example "Not all required fields have been entered. Required fields appear  in bold red type." And you have tried and tried finding and setting all fields but can’t locate the field it is referring to. Here is the simple solution to dig into this error
1-    Close integration manager
2-    Open Integration Manger Root Folder
3-    Open the Following File “Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.ini
4-    Update the following line
5-    Write the following Line code into the file.
6-    Re-open integration manager
7-    Run the integration (Dynamics GP will remain open and you can watch the integration)
8-    Important - don’t click anything while the integration is running, the macros.txt file will provide you with the integration information, that is, it will tell you where the integration is failing.
If you are using Dynamics GP 8.0, then use this procedure for IM
1-    Open Integration Manger Root Folder
2-    Create a new text file by the following name “im.ini”
3-    Copy the following code
DoUIRedraw = Yes
ShowDynamics = yes

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  1. thank you so much! this has saved my butt! we had this problem and couldnt figure out what it was. It turned out to be an item without default price level . You are actually able to pause the integration by clicking and holding on one of the windows, so we did that and kept clicking and holding then letting go quickly and clicking again until we were able to see that item in particular come up and it showed no default price level. I fixed that item and then it integrated perfectly!

    once again thanks!!!