Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dynamics GP Manufacturing Bill Of Material( BOM ) Setup Guidelines

Just recently one of my friend had query regarding the manufacturing.
” I am trying to add a component to a BOM, but it is not allowing. Is there any perquisites?”

The issue in his case was, The parent item in the BOM was standard cost where as he was trying to add actual cost item as a component, so any one out there planning for Manufacturing implementation just have a look on this guidelines before you finalize the requirements mapping

Remember, not all items can be components of all bills of materials. Refer to the following guidelines.

-      You can add a standard cost component to the bill of materials for an actual cost finished good.
-      You can’t add an actual cost component to a bill of materials for a standard cost finished good.
-      You can’t add an item with the Kit type to a bill of materials.
-      If you add an item with the Services, Miscellaneous, or Flat Fee type to a bill of materials, those items must be back flushed.
-      Average cost valuation methods can be used for finished goods or components.
-      If you’re working in an average cost environment, however, you should be sure that system settings prevent you from allowing your inventory to be negative.
-      The same item number can be listed multiple times as a component on a bill of materials, but it must have a different position number for each time it is listed.
-      An item only can exist once on a super bill of materials, regardless of the position number

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