Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dynamics GP 2010 & Integration Manager 11 Error

 We have situation where we upgraded one of our client to Dynamics GP 2010 with Integration manager 11. The client was using Integration manager extensively to upload all sorts of transactions and after the upgrade process the users started facing different error messages while running integration

“The destination could not be initialized due to the following problem: ActiveX component can't create object
“The destination could not be initialized due to the following problem:  Cannot create Active X Component.  Cannon create Active X Component”
“The RPC Server is unavailable “

We tried re-installing integration manager many times but the issue remains unsolved.


After checking all the details we found that the “Dynamics.exe” file was not registered properly for those clients under windows registry. We manually registered the file and it worked

To register “Dynamics.exe” manually, follow the below steps

-      Log on to the computer with the user who is receiving the error message while doing integration.
-      Reregister the Dynamics.exe file, To reregister
o    Click Start,
o    Then Click Run,
o    Then Type "\FileName.exe “/REGSERVER, and then click OK.

        = Represents the full path of the folder that contains the file, and the placeholder
FileName.exe = Represents the name of the file.
For example, type the following string:
“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Dynamics.exe” / REGSERVER

Once registered successfully, integration manager will start working properly.

Happy Integrations.

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